May 14, 2020 / 20 Iyar, 5780 • Parshat Behar-Bechukotai
Issue 614
Dedicated in loving memory of Mrs. Miriam Friedman

G-d instructed Moses to tell the Jewish people, "When you enter the land...the land must observe a year of rest for G-d."

Vayikra 25:2

Just as the weekly Sabbath is intended to allow us the freedom to pursue spiritual growth, the same is true of the sabbatical year. G-d therefore instructs us to envision the sabbatical year as the goal of the work we do during the six preceding years, keeping it constantly in mind throughout as we work toward it. In this way, the inspiration of the sabbatical year will sanctify, energize, and focus the work we perform during the "mundane" years, bringing them Divinely-blessed success and infusing them with the joy of optimism and purpose.

The same holds true for the weekly Sabbath. Keeping the goal of the Sabbath in mind during the workweek sanctifies, energizes, and focuses our work, bringing success, joy, and optimism to the entire week.

"Entering our land" is also a metaphor for setting up our homes, whether at the beginning of our married lives or whenever we seek to revitalize our home life. We should set up our homes with the goal of the Sabbath in mind, creating an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and harmony. This way, every Sabbath will be imbued with spiritual content, thereby being a source of renewal and hope for ourselves, our families, and our guests.

From Kehot's

Daily Wisdom #2