February 6, 2020 / 11 Shevat, 5780 • Parshat Beshalach
Issue 600
Dedicated in loving memory of Mrs. Miriam Friedman


The manna did not descend on the Sabbath. Instead, a double portion descended on Friday. This was the only exception to G-d's directive not to save manna from one day for use on the next day.

Moses told the Jewish people,
"See that G-d has given you the Sabbath."

Shemot 16:29

The Sabbath

By saying that "G-d has given you the Sabbath," Moses was implying that G-d has given it "to each of you individually" -- to every Jewish person. Although, the external form of Sabbath observance is the same for every Jew, the nature of the inner, spiritual experience of the Shabbat differs from person to person.

The quality of spiritual inspiration we experience on the Shabbat is dependent largely on how much effort we expend preparing for it during the preceding workweek. Firstly, this includes physical preparation, ensuring ahead of time that everything is prepared so we are free from physical distractions. Secondly, devoting time during the week to spiritual growth enables us to reap the fruits of this effort on the coming Shabbat in the form of heightened spiritual consciousness.

From Kehot's

Daily Wisdom #2