September 29, 2019 / 29 Elul, 5779 • Rosh Hashanah
Issue 581
Dedicated in loving memory of Mrs. Miriam Friedman

Innermost Voice of the Soul

G-d sent our Divine soul into the foreign environment of this material world where it could fulfill its purpose by studying the Torah and fulfilling the commandments. But by indulging in the delights of this world, we become increasingly estranged from our Divine soul's native environment. We are drawn further into a world that is not concerned with Divinity, and we eventually all but forget about holiness and purity.

But at some point, we remember who we are and we cry out to G-d. This is the wordless blast of the Shofar, which utters the innermost voice of our soul in our remorse over its failings, our longing for its Divine home, and our desire to rededicate ourselves to our higher purpose. When G-d hears this cry, it arouses His mercy, and He forgives us, restoring us to our former intimacy with Him.

Rosh Hashanah is thus a time of renewal, of returning to our source and drawing new levels of connection from the inexhaustible wellsprings of our relationship with G-d.

From Kehot's

Daily Wisdom #2