Feminine Faith

Feminine Faith

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One who contributes from his wealth for the purpose of writing or publishing a sefer of a Tzaddik โ€“

Behold, at any given time, and in any corner of the world, that a person studies from this sefer, the Tzaddik [on high] evokes merit on behalf of the donor through whom the sefer was disseminated.

โ€”The Rebbe, Igrot Kodesh, vol 2

Feminine Faith

by Rabbi Shmuel Schneersohn

Feminine Faith traces the roots of the feminine within

the supernal realms, and explores its relationship to

women and how it translated into their aversion for

unholy and ungodly worship.

Why are women more sensitive than men to G-d's role in

earthly events and His mastery over Creation?

In this discourse, Rabbi Shmuel Schneersohn, fourth

leader of Chabad Lubavitch (1834-1882), explores G-d's

unity and immanence in the world, and the innate sensitivity that women posses to spirituality.


2% funded

$8,500 goal
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