Sefer Hamaamorim 5680

Sefer Hamaamorim 5680

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One who contributes from his wealth for the purpose of writing or publishing a sefer of a Tzaddik –

Behold, at any given time, and in any corner of the world, that a person studies from this sefer, the Tzaddik [on high] evokes merit on behalf of the donor through whom the sefer was disseminated.

—The Rebbe, Igrot Kodesh, vol 2

Chasidic discourses by the fifth leader of Chabad-Lubavitch, Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn, delivered during the year 5680 (1920).

The discourses of Rabbi Shalom DovBer are distinctive in their systematic approach, lengthy explanations and broadness of scope. It is because of this that he was given the appellation “The Maimonides of Chasidism.”

This volume is the final collection of 29 volumes of discourses by Rabbi Shalom DovBer, as on Nissan 2 of this year he passed away. In fact, the last discourse is incomplete, delivered only weeks before his passing, but left incomplete in his transcript. An addendum to the volume contains an ethical will written by Rabbi Shalom DovBer several days before his passing.

The discourse beginning “Reishit Goyim Amalek,” delivered on Purim, was interrupted by uninvited guests, members of the Communist Party that was beginning its squelching of Jewish life at that time.

A fascinating series of seven discourses explores Psalm 60 by King David. This is noteworthy as it was during this year that the Rebbe recited Psalm 60 daily, corresponding to his 60th birthday.


95% funded

$7,200 goal
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